Corporate law

When we say we consider the law simply to be a work tool for achieving your economic goals, you will probably notice this most when you want to organise your presence in the Belgian market under Belgian corporate and tax law. Incorporating your own company? A limited company or a stock corporation, or...? Or just a branch with the necessary proxies? Kocks & Partners offer you tailor-made solutions, designed for cross-border business in a tax-friendly manner.

Cross-border is also the new key word in modern mergers and acquisitions. Their unique multilingual skills make the lawyers of Kocks & Partners your preferred partners for cross-border due diligences, and they assist you not only in closing the deal but also in shaping the result from a legal and tax perspective.

Afterwards, you can concentrate fully on the commercial aspects while Kocks & Partners take care of the corporate housekeeping and ensure that you avoid being bothered by administrative fines for not publishing a decision or prolonging a permit.

The day in, day out necessities for your company under Belgian social and tax law such as wage and tax calculations are in good hands with Kocks & Partners. Do you want to take your tax optimisation one step further? Together with our longtime partner office in Bratislava E-S PARTNERS, we can assist you in setting up tax-friendly constructions in safe havens such as Slovakia.



Sarah Kocks, LL.M.
Specialist for corporate law

Laura Sproten, LL.M.