Kocks & Partners is a Belgian law firm, based in Brussels.

We consider the law simply to be a work tool for achieving the economic goals of our clients. The law, however, is only as good as the input received from the lawyers...

It is in this regard, which is of utmost importance, that our clients can rely on our privileged understanding of business-oriented legal engineering, our multidisciplinary approach and our prospective, innovative and value-added advice and solutions.

We focus on business law (including corporate law, insolvency law, employment law, franchise, litigation, ...) with an emphasis on cross-border transactions. We regularly deal with cases governed by foreign laws. It goes without saying that our legal team is at ease with comparative legal thinking and creative entrepreneurship.

All the members of our team benefit from a strong academic background and have both a special comparative approach to law and an extensive knowledge of private international law, based on combinations of university studies, work experience in the relevant country, and a trilingual background. As writing constitutes one of the best ways to both maintain and refresh a high legal standard, we encourage them to publish textbooks and articles in the field of our core products and also to appear as speakers at conferences on international law issues.

Thus we continuously strive to be at the forefront of modernity and efficiency.

We love our job and the legal work connected with it. This gives us the enthusiasm and the strength our clients need to make their projects even more successful.