In law, no other area of expertise shows its results as clearly as taxation. Setting up a tax-friendly construction in Slovakia can save you money, whereas not filing your LIMOSA declaration in Belgium can cost you money. Having the right tax experts next to you will always be a win-win situation. Kocks & Partners are therefore your preferred partner for making sure that your business and the tax authorities remain friends, while at the same time ensuring you have the most tax-friendly solution.

Kocks & Partners also offer you unique and business-oriented tax expertise that you would normally only find in larger law offices. You want to do business in the Middle East but are afraid of customs regulations? Or you wonder why all your competitors except yourself are incorporating their headquarters in Slovakia and are invoicing from there? And how do I declare all this when I still live in Belgium? Or move to Germany? Or when I am German...? Many questions, but Kocks & Partners will know the answers.